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I Am Not Interested In Love Lyrics > Two Gentlemen of Verona

I Am Not Interested In Love Lyrics

I am not interested in poetry
Poetry’s another word for love
I am not inetested in music
Music is another word for love
I’m not really int’rested in romance
I’m not really int’rested in love love love
I find love alarming
I’m happier farming

I do not care too much for passion
Passion’s just a masquerade for love
I do not care that much for caring
Caring’s just a careless word for love
Frankly i don’t even care for people
I’m not really int’rested in love love love
I only deal with what i feel with

Last Update: December, 31st 2013

Two Gentlemen of Verona Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Summer, Summer
  3. I Love My Father
  4. That's A Very Interesting Question
  5. I'd Like To Be A Rose
  6. Thou Julia, Thou Has Metamorphosed Me
  7. Symphony
  8. I Am Not Interested In Love
  9. Love, Is That You?
  10. Thou, Proteus, Thou Has Metamorphosed Me
  11. What Does A Lover Pack?
  12. Pearls
  13. I Love My Father (Reprise)
  14. Two Gentlemen Of Verona
  15. Follow The Rainbow
  16. Where's North?
  17. Bring All The Boys Back Home
  18. To whom It May Concern
  19. Night Letter
  20. Love's Revenge
  21. Calla Lily Lady
  22. Act 2
  23. Land Of Betrayal
  24. Thurio's Samba
  25. Hot Lover
  26. What A Nice Idea
  27. Love Me
  28. Eglamour
  29. Kidnapped
  30. Mansion
  31. What's A Nice Girl Like Her
  32. Dragon Fight
  33. Don't Have A Baby
  34. Love's Revenge (Reprise)
  35. Love Has Driven Me Sane

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