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Eglamour Lyrics


(from the rear balcony of the theatre.
Eglamour is heard. A thrilling baritone

Did i hear someone call my name
It’s been so long and rare
Since someone called my name
Call my name
(eglamour climbs down the ladder
From the balcony to the orchestra.
He wears an army uniform. He carries
The magic dove on his shoulder. He
Is chinese)

Eglamour, eglamour

Call me eglamour
It’s been so long since someone did
It sounds so sweet and fair
To hear me called my name once again

Eglamour, eglamour

(as eglamour reaches the stage.
A guard moves to stop eglamour.
Eglamour taps the guard who collapses
In slow motion. Eglamour travels to
The top level)

I was always there
You only had to call my name
I’d gladly lose my soul
To save your life
Lucky you
I was there
Lucky me
Now i’m here

(eglamour has now reached silvia.
Proteus runs on the top level.
Eglamour gives him one of his
Magic taps and proteus collapses
In slow motion)

Now you’re here

Now i’m here
Your father sent me off to war

Eglamour (cont’d)
I think your father thought
That i’d be killed
No luck
Here i am
Lucky you

Eglamour & silvia
Lucky me
Lucky me

Go get ‘em eglamour

Eglamour & silvia
Lucky me

(ensemble come back to the stage
From the house as eglamour and
Silvia exit third level. Duke
Enters left third level. Thurio
Enters left platform. Duke blows
His whistle)

Silvia! Silvia! Silvia!

She’s gone, my lord

(the the guard)
She has my jewels upon her and my ducats.
(thurio chases guard up left
And throws apple at him)

Where is she’

(proteus has recovered from egla-
Mour’s supernatural power. He also
Is on the third level)
She’s gone with eggg eggg eggg... Whatever his name is.

(from down left center. Sung ad lib
Without accompaniment)
Where is silvia’
Where is she’

That some one came and kidnapped.

Last Update: December, 31st 2013

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