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Follow The Rainbow Lyrics > Two Gentlemen of Verona

Follow The Rainbow Lyrics

You mean that really is quicksand’


Follow the rainbow
Then turn right at the sun
Which you see going (down) ...

Down in the valley
Then underneath the waterfall
And mountain (pass) ...

Pass by the pine trees
The moss is always growing
On the northern (side) ...

Side saddle, we’ll straddle
Rattle snakes and fiddle
While we paddle (down) ...

Down through the rapids
And somersault the waterfall
And whirling pool ...
(valentine & speed exit as
Proteus appears)

Pool all of our knowledge
Keep us safe and sound
How can we ever be lost’

(launce enters left)

How can we ever be found’

(they exit as valentine & speed
Appear on third level)

We found the igloo
Now turn right at the palm tree
Which is bearing (fruit) ...

Fruitlessly didn’t this territory
Pass before our eyes to(day) ...

Day of all days
When we needed every drop
We saved in our can(teen)

Teenier and teenier
Is any chance
That we had to get to mi(lan)

Valentine & speed
Is that land’
No, it’s sea!
No, it’s you!
No, it’s me!
No, it’s mirage.

(valentine & speed exit.

Lucetta & julia enter)

Rajahs and blood thirst shieks
Cause those shrieks
Girls being forced
We are lost

We are lost
We are lost
We are lost
We are lost

Indians and wind mongol hordes
With curved swords
Take all their slaves
Up to their caves
(to julia)
This way

(lucetta & julia exit. Valentine
& speed enter)

Tea leaves once told me i’d travel
But who believes what’s in a (cup)

Cup your hands up to your eyes

And look and tell me what you’re seeing

(the whole scene changes. It’s
Milan and it’s the most exciting
Place in the world. The ensemble

One girl in the ensemble at the
Beginning says to valentine:)

Girl (citizen of milan)
Hey, sugar, come here i want to talk to ya.


Last Update: December, 31st 2013

Two Gentlemen of Verona Lyrics

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