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What's A Nice Girl Like Her Lyrics > Two Gentlemen of Verona

What's A Nice Girl Like Her Lyrics

What’s a nice girl like her
Doing in this place
Why are nice lips like hers
Kissing his
What’s a nice heart like hers
Doing on her sleeve
What’s a nice heart like mine
Doing in my mouth
I should have stayed down south
I want to kiss her mouth

It makes me ill
I’ve had my fill
Of that silly billy
Playing jack to her jill
It makes me ill
I need a pill
I’ll sing a thrill

Now i am angry
La la la
La la la
What’s a nice girl like her
Doing in this place
Lighting her christmas tree ornaments
Up in my face

I’m glad i didn’t stay south
I want to kiss her mouth, yah!
(proteus jumps into the tent)

(silvia jumps out of the tent followed
By eglamour followed by proteus.
Eglamour exits. Silvia watches
Escaping eglamour; then turns on

Oh, miserable unhappy that i am.

What i would not undergo for one calm look!
O, ‘tis the curse of love, and still approved,
When women cannot love where they’re beloved!

Proteus (cont’d)
If the gentle spirit of moving words
Can in no way change you to a milder form,
I’ll woo you like a soldier, at arm’s length,
And love you ‘gainst the nature of love ‘- force ye.
(proteus forces silvia to the

O heaven!

I’ll force thee. Yield to my desire.
(and he plops himself on top of
Her. Starts to kiss her. He
Removes his glasses.

Valentine enters left platform.
Crosses down left of proteus & silvia.
Silvia giggles in delight. They be-
Come aware of valentine. Proteus puts
On his glasses)
(proteus & silvia untangle & silvia
Falls into the tent)

Proteus, i must never trust thee more,
But count the world a stranger for thy sake.
O time must accurst,
‘Mongst all foes that a friend should be the worst!

(on his knees)
My shame and guilt confound me.

(eglamour enters right platform)


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