Talk to Me Dorothy lyrics - Tootsie

Talk to Me Dorothy lyrics

Talk to Me Dorothy

So here I am
Desperate and dizzy
Hanging by one hand
From the thinnest branch

Totally mixed up
Totally fed up
Riding the edge of the avalanche

I know how I got here
I know I've been stupid
I know it's my fault
But I could really use some help

What's it I want?
What was my hurry?
Drawn to the spotlight
But it's not the sun

Walking on ice
Loaded with worry
Is that what you finally get
Once your race is run?

So talk to me, Dorothy
You're smarter than I am
Tell me, why was I so hungry before?
Your waters run deeper
Deeper than mine
You've given me so much
And now i need more

Let me see through those eyes of yours
All of these people
All of these people you've helped me to love
Let me hear through your ears
And maybe this noise can turn into some kind of music

There's you
And there's me
With a heart you discovered
And hands that are steady and warm to the touch

So talk to me, Dorothy
You taught me how to sing
Can you help me, Dorothy?
I need you so much
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