Whaddya Do lyrics - Tootsie

Whaddya Do lyrics

Whaddya Do

Whaddaya do when suddenly
You realize the calendar
Inside your head
Is running out of pages

Whaddaya do if you can see
The odds are good
You'll never be the person
You've been trying for, for ages

Is it luck?
Is it fate?
Is it something that you wait?
Like an overwhelming plate
Of humble pie

Whaddaya do when everything
You wanted more than life itself
Is laughing at you
Calling you a jerk

Whaddaya do?
You make it work!

Whaddaya do when everything is happening
But everything is happening
To everybody but you
All of the phonies, frauds, and fakes
Are getting jobs
And getting breaks
And eating steaks
But nobody will touch you

Are you haunted
By the fact
All you want to do is sacked
And it's all you want
To do until you die

Bashing away
At the same old door
Your arms are tired
Your fists are sore
The patience you've got left
Is wearing thin

Whaddaya do?
You kick it in!

So what am I?
I am stuck
Struggling in the muck
Standing here all
Purpled and perplexed
Caught in the gap
Between what the hell just happened
And what the hell is gonna happen next

Whaddaya got?
Ya got the list
Of all the hopes and dreams I missed
Well take that list and roll it in a ball

Or better yet a tube
You're gonna need some lube
Cuz where is it gonna go?

Sometimes I look in the mirror
And I am sad at what I see
Frustration, confusion
I come to the conclusion
There really must
Be something wrong
With all of those Douchebags
Who won't hire me

Whaddaya do it's nature's law
The cards you're dealt
The cards you drop
Perhaps the hand
You've got
Will never win
Maybe you're out of rope
Maybe you're out of hope

So what do you do?
You go all in
Well, I'm all in

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