New Ways To Dream (Reprise) lyrics - Sunset Boulevard

New Ways To Dream (Reprise) lyrics

New Ways To Dream (Reprise)

What's the matter there, Max? You waiting to wash the car?

Please be careful when you cross the patio. Madame may be watching.

Suppose I tiptoe up the back stairs and get undressed in the dark, will that do it?

It's just that I am greatly worried about Madame.

Well, we're not helping any, feeling her lies, more lies.
What's going to happen when she finds out they're not going to make her picture?

She never will. That is my job.
I made her a star and I will never let her be destroyed.

You made her a star?

I directed all her early pictures. In those days,
there were three young directors who showed promise: D.W. Griffith, Cecil B. DeMille and --

Max von Mayerling.

That's right.

When we met, she was a child
Barely sixteen
Awkward and yet, she had an air
I've never seen
I knew I'd found my perfect face
Deep in her eyes
New ways to dream
And we inspired
New ways to dream

Talkies came; I stayed with her, took up this life
Threw away fame
Please understand
She was my wife

We had achieved far more than most
We gave the world new ways to dream
Everyone needs new ways to dream

Are you saying you were married to her?

I was the first husband.

So I play this game
Keeper of the flame
Sharing with her one last dream
Don't you think I knew it never could come true?
She'll be the very last one to surrender
I will not allow her to surrender
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