Sunset Boulevard review

Sunset Boulevard Review - Broadway musical

A musical based on the movie of the same name in 1950 was originally conceived more optimistic: the protagonist let go of her lover to another woman. However, a planned one has never been realized. The directors have decided not to throw out such an emotional finale, and, we must say, did rightly so, because such moments make the audience experience shock, and isn’t it the main purpose of any theatrical?!

Hollywood is like an oasis in the desert – attracts sufferings to quench their thirst. Suffering and seeking recognition young man had experienced a heavy fate, as he had not become a popular writer. His work is not interesting to film companies, and in addition, all his property is mortgaged. He is also pursued by the agents of collection service and eventually he falls into a stone monastery of once popular actress. She still considers herself popular, though haven’t been filming for over 10 years.

Everything oppresses in her house: dullness, grayness… From the former luxury and popularity not even a hint left, because the viewer's love is so fleeting. But the faithful butler-driver does not allow the truth to be revealed. Protecting the woman, he secretly writes letters to her, which she reveals as those received from fans.

Can you empathize to the main hero, is hard to say. Some might call him a spineless opportunist. And perhaps it is. In fact, he agrees to dine, sleep and live under the roof of his new acquaintance, in fine conditions of some sort of confinement. Someone can exclaim: ‘How can it be confinement? He worked on her script. So this must be mutually beneficial business relationship!’. But the truth is that the script was worth nothing; it was so hideous that the only salvation was to rewrite it completely. So that kind of life and a relationship he found acceptable.

This is how the main characters have chosen the path of self-deception: she did not want to accept the reality that her brilliant career was over now, and he did not want to think that unwittingly became a gigolo, staying at the pay of an aging lady.

But amongst this black-and-gray palette there was a bright ray – young worker of the studio that fascinated writer. And the story could have ended on a positive note, if not fatal failure on the scenario of the main character. In fact, without even knowing it, this girl sent him to the monastery of once famous actress.

It seems like this story could have no alternative conclusion. Screenwriter was weak and actress fixated on herself and believed that she could re-born like the Phoenix from an ashes. But fate decreed otherwise. Perhaps, this musical is instruction for the young generation? No need to deceive oneself – the glory is not eternal, and even the famous people are forgotten.

In any case, a musical deserves the audience’s attention. It is dynamic and twisted, and the music perfectly complements the action.
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