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We're Goin' In lyrics

We're Goin' In


We're goin' in
We're goin' in
We'll ring the bell and
Arrest this felon
We're goin' in!

We're goin' in
We're goin' in
With decoy flowers
We'll catch this coward,
We're goin' in

And everything'll turn out fine
We got here in the nick of time
We'll take him out
That's the job
Save the girl
Hey no problem!

We're goin' in
We're goin' in
His home's surrounded
He's going down, cause
We're goin' in!







There's no one here
There's no one here
Big splashy entry
This house is empty
There's no one here!


I'm Agent Staring, FBI
Have you see this girl?

[Buffalo Bill]

No, uh-uh. Why?


This guy is weird
I don't trust him
Hope I've got the guts to bust him.
I'll bet he's kidnapped Catherine


Was she a great big fat person?
Could this girl be
Any dumber?
Time is up
I've got her number!


There's no one here
There's no one here
We got it wrong and
Clarice is next
So we better move it along
We'd better finish this song
There's no one here
There's no one here!!
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