Silence! synopsis

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  1. Silence! Silence! Video
  2. Thish Ish It/The Right Guide Thish Ish It/The Right Guide Video
  3. If I Could Smell Her Cunt
  4. Papa Shtarling
  5. It's Agent Shtarling
  6. Are You About A Size 14?
  7. My Daughter Is Catherine
  8. Quid Pro Quo
  9. I'd Fuck Me I'd Fuck Me Video
  10. It's Me
  11. Catherine Dies Today Catherine Dies Today Video
  12. Papa Shtarling (Reprise) Papa Shtarling (Reprise) Video
  13. Put The Lotion In The Basket Put The Lotion In The Basket Video
  14. We're Goin' In
  15. In The Dark With A Maniac / Bill's Death
  16. Silence! Reprise And Finale Silence! Reprise And Finale Video

Silence! synopsis

Silence! Synopsis - Broadway musical

The storyline of the musical is fully consistent with the film ‘Silence of the Lambs’ of 1991. The creators have decided to remove a number of insignificant episodes, but at the same time, they paid a great attention to the consideration of the iconic moments, including numerous conversations between Clarice Starling & Hannibal Lecter. Like any other good parody, the project contains a perfectly worked-out humor. Last is increasingly presented as an exaggeration of classic dialogues of the main characters, their actions and facial expressions.

In the center is a young specialist of FBI Clarice Starling. She graduated from the Academy with honors and is ready to begin her first serious task. For several weeks already, the Bureau is engaged in investigating of interrelated murders committed by a serial killer, known as Buffalo Bill. The visit card of the latter is the skin abscission from his victims. Why? Nobody knows that. For a long time, FBI officials have been unable to find any clues. To break the deadlock, Bureau leadership decides to resort to the help of the former psychiatrist, and now a prisoner-cannibal in the mental facility Hannibal Lecter. For conversation with him were sent Clarice Starling, who has been waiting for responsible work.

The ultra-hazardous criminal and FBI agent has established a definite connection. Dr. Lecter initiates a complicated psychological game. He says he will investigate only if Clarice will tell him some information about her personal life. Having no other choice, she tells Lecter some childhood memories related to the caring of foster parents at home and rescuing the little lamb from the slaughter. To reward his new patient, Hannibal indicates the apparent detail that allows continuing the trail of Buffalo Bill.

Maniac has decided on a daring move and kidnapped the daughter of a local senator. In turn, head of the mental facility forbids further meetings of Starling and Lecter. To return his daughter, senator goes on a dangerous deal with the prisoner-psychiatrist. The essence of the latter consists in the fact that Hannibal receives guaranteed transfer to a convenient place of detention with great food, music and the opportunity to paint. Instead, the doctor should provide accurate information about Buffalo Bill personality. After some time, Lecter escapes from a new cell, simultaneously killing several police officers and ambulance workers.

In parallel with the above events, Clarice learns that the killer she is looking for is a former tailor. In search of further clues, she comes in the house, where was Buffalo Bill at the moment. The latter is disposed by butterflies flying around the room, which cocoons were found in the mouths of previous victims. During the persecution, agent Starling kills maniac with shot in the chest. Thanks to the courageous actions of the protagonist, senator's daughter stays alive. A little later, Hannibal Lecter contacts to Clarice. He tells her that she doesn’t have to worry about anything, and he wouldn’t disturb her any more. After that, the audience sees as Dr. Chilton is pursued by Lecter and survival’s forecasts of the first are clearly disappointing.
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