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Papa Shtarling lyrics

Papa Shtarling

Papa Shtarling:
Pumpkin cookie?

Papa, is that you?
Papa, can you hear me?

Papa Shtarling:
Hey, little lady, remember me?
It's papa Shtarling, don't you cry,
I used to pick you up and spin you,
Now keep your chin up, you can fly

Oh papa, I just...

Papa Shtarling:
Just hang in there, kiddo,
You're doin' great

Papa, are you okay?

Papa Shtarling:
It's very lonely being dead,
Just thought I'd come to say hello,
Hope you enjoy this painful flashback,
But now it's time for me to go

I miss you so much papa

Papa Shtarling:
It's very lonely being dead
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