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It's Me lyrics

It's Me

Remember the pen that I saw on the table
I ate it when no one was watching
Now I open my mouth and the pen's here again:
Their security's ripe for the botching.
I'll use it to pick the lock
And mutilate both of these cops.
Though it's not Halloween I've concocted a plan
I'll escape from this prison by wearing a man!

Look what he did to this officer's face
He chewed off his cheeks and he sprayed him with mace.
We're all in a tizzy, oh Jesus where is he
Oh where could Hannibal be?

This cop is already dead -- -it's me!

Get this man to a hospital
He's arresting he's shaking he's not gonna make it!

Somebody get me an Oscar for best phony seizure
Just watch how adeptly I fake it.

Get out of the way; have the medics arrived?
One's already dead and one's barely alive
Security sucked, and now we're all fucked
Oh where could Hannibal be?

This cop is already dead, you'll see.
I'm wearing his face on my head -- it's me.

[Cop 1]
What do I say to a person who just lost his face?
I betcha he'll miss it.

[Cop 2]
That cop has a name -- it's Jim Pembry!
Now tell him he's fine, he looks terrific.

Look at that blood
We think he's up there:
The elevator's roof.

I'm leaving you now
Goodbye and take care
You won't believe this goof.

Fire a shot in his knee!
No response; who the hell can this be!?

I've left the building at last I'm free,

Say it isn't so,

This cop is already dead, you see,

Did we just let him go?

I'm wearing his face on my head...
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