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Quid Pro Quo lyrics

Quid Pro Quo

(Spoken) Tick tock tick tock, Clarice

Quid pro quo
Yes or no
Give me what I want or go!
Quid pro quo
Great if so
Don't you lie or else I'll know.

Should I let
Him inside?
Oh my God I'm terrified

If I don't
Catherine dies
I'll let down the F.B.I.

Daddy died
I was young

Was he shot? That sounds like fun.

Don't get cute
Else we're done.

I can make you eat your tongue.

Moved away to live on my uncle's ranch.

Did your uncle ever remove your underpants?

Heard a scream one night and I ran downstairs.

Did your uncle ever molest your pubic hair?

Saw them kill
Lots of sheep.

Did your uncle rape you?

No, you creep.
Quid pro quo
Your turn now
(More please)
Gotta catch him
Tell me how.

You control
Catherine's fate.

All good things to those who wait.

Gotta know
Who he is.

You've been good I'll grant your wish.

Stole a heavy lamb and I ran away.

Louis Friend is Buffalo Bill's real name.

They caught me, took my lamb and they killed her too.

Height five ten and eyes that are pale and blue.
You still hear those poor lambs scream
Every night they haunt your dreams.

Dr. Lecter?

Big fat Catherine is your sheep
Save her get a good night's sleep!

Tell me more.

No not yet.

Time is short.

Are your panties wet?
Read the file
Solve the case.

Don't have much more time to waste.

Use your head
You're too slow.

Who is he? I've got to know.

Sodomy, felatio...

Don't have time for quid pro quo!!
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