Overture lyrics - Shucked

Overture lyrics


[PEANUT, spoken]
Good morning, Cob County!
This is Peanut with Morning Stark Radio
Here's what's goin' on
Yesterday, Buddy Wilson was attacked by a mob of clowns
When asked how he escaped, he said "I went for the juggler"
Oh, and today is the big weddin'!
In preparation, we ask that you turn off your tractors, your silos, your phones
And anything else than might get turned on
The couple also asks that you don't take pictures, make films or mow any crop circles
That might capture any part of this here ceremony
And now, some music from the Shucked orchestra
Conducted by Jason Howland
To start your mornin' plowin'!
Last Update: September, 26th 2023

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