Independently Owned lyrics - Shucked

Independently Owned lyrics

Independently Owned

[Verse 1]
I'm independently owned and operated
The only thing around here that's incorporated
I do it all and that's fine by me
I'm a one woman whiskey dynasty

[Verse 2]
I'm independently owned and liberated
And I think sleeping alone is underrated
Don't need a man for flatteries
Got a corn cob and some batteries

And I'll never say I do if I really don't
If settling means settling down, then I won't
Being a wife just ain't the life for me

[Verse 3]
I'm independ?ntly owned and complicated
And, no, I don't need a man to feel emancipat?d
The boys 'round here sure ain't much help
This corn ain't gonna shuck itself

There might be someone that I ain't met yet
And no disrespect to Miss Tammy Wynette
I can't stand by my man, he'll have to stand by me, oh

I'm independently owned and modulated
And every man that I meet is just intimidated
I won't change who I've always been

I'm independently owned and celebrating
I'm independently owned and educating
I don't depend on anybody but me
And I live my life
So independently
Operating, modulating, celebrating
Liberated, calculated, educated
Underrated, motivated, advocated, intimidating
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