Maybe Love lyrics - Shucked

Maybe Love lyrics

Maybe Love

[Verse 1]
Maybe love is something new
It just shows up out of the blue
Doesn't need all that much time
As long as you can make it rhyme

[Verse 2]
Maybe he is meant to last
Maybe Beau is just my past
And the reason I left home
Was more than just to fix the corn

Maybe love is like a seed
A little sun is all it needs
A little rain and so it goes
It grows and grows and grows and rose from dust
Maybe love just needs a little love

[Verse 3]
Maybe love ain't how it looks
How it reads in all those books
I was just a little girl
'Til I saw a bigger world

Maybe love ain't what I thought
But maybe love is what I got
Had to leave to bring it here
What was cloudy is so clear all at once
Maybe love just needs a little love

Yeah, maybe love just needs a little love
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