Wheels of a Dream (reprise) lyrics - Ragtime

Wheels of a Dream (reprise) lyrics

Wheels of a Dream (reprise)

The era of ragtime had run out,
As if history were no more than a tune on a player piano.
But we did not know that then.

I see his face.

I hear his heartbeat.

I look in those eyes.

How wise they seem.

Well, when he is old enough,
I will show him america

And he will ride
On the wheels of a dream.

Beyond that road,
Beyond this lifetime,
That car full of hope
Will always gleam
With the promise of happiness
And the freedom we'll live to know
We'll travel with heads held high
Just as far as our hearts can go
And we will ride,
Each child will ride
On the wheels of a dream!

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Wheels of a Dream (reprise)
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