Ragtime synopsis

Ragtime synopsis

Ragtime Synopsis - Broadway musical

This staging takes place in New York. Three families of various classes are in the center. The first one belongs to upper class. This family consists of a mother and her younger brother, a father, a grandfather and a small boy. They live far from Harlem, which is full of African-Americans. In that place, there is a woman, who explores new music style together with the rest members of black community. In this play, we also see the immigrants, among whom there are a Jewish man and his daughter. All these worlds're linked by the famous people, among which there are tycoons, activists and entertainers.

The mother of the first family's seeing the father of, as he is taking part in the expedition. She's asked to oversee his affairs. The mother hopes that something will change. During the journey, the father finds out that the First Officer of the ship is black. They meet the immigrant with his daughter and greet them. The man cannot believe somebody wants to leave America. The brother of the woman is looking for something interesting in life. He falls in love with the famous woman, who has received her popularity after the murder of her lover. He comes to see her acting. He tells her about his feelings. She kisses him in front of the photographers and then rejects. The mother of the rich family finds a black baby in the garden. The woman from Harlem, who comes with the police, appears to be the mother of the child. The wealthy woman decides to take care of both of them. The immigrant reaches the destination and starts a new life. He gets a bit disappointed, as it is not so fast and easy to get an access to American Dream. His daughter gets ill. After a rich man proposes to buy his girl, he curses this country. The man gets inspired by the successful immigrant H. Houdini. He decides to have a fresh start.

The other black man is missing his love – the Afro-American woman with a baby. He wants to return her. He visits Henry Ford's factory in order to buy a new car. The mother and her son meet the immigrant with his daughter. The woman gives a good lesson to the boy by being polite with them. The black man arrives to the house, where his beloved woman lives. He is surprised after getting to know about a child. The woman does not want to see him, and he decides to come the other time. She finally forgives and accepts him. The immigrant participates in a strike. It suddenly turns into riot, and he's to take his daughter to safer place. They catch a train, where a conductor buys the new invention of the Jewish man. He's very happy and hopes to reach success.

The group of people, filled with hostility towards black people, destroys the car of the black man. He tries to seek for justice, but nobody can help. His woman tries to help him, but gets killed by the Secret Service. The black man is destroyed. He decides to use his ways to fight injustice. The wealthy woman is blamed by her spouse for the support of such people. After actions made by black man, many violent acts started to happen. The father takes his family to other place. There they meet an immigrant, who has become a director. The boy and the girl become good friends very fast as well as the rich woman and the girl's father. The brother of a woman from wealthy family comes to help the black people. The father's asked to come back to New York. A deal with black man's achieved. But younger brother's in rage. The black guy explains, violence won't help. The world should be changed by means of words. When leaving the place, he has taken over, he gets shot by police. The little boy decides to tell this story to the world.
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