Motown synopsis

Motown synopsis

Motown Synopsis - Broadway musical

The story of this show tells us about a famous record company based in America. The creator of Motown is in the center of the plot. In the staging, a viewer can observe all the way, which has been gone by this man and the others beside him.

It is the year of 1983. At the beginning, we see popular recording stars. They came to Pasadena Civic Auditorium in order to celebrate another anniversary of their favorite company. It is the 25th one.

The audience is transferred back into the past. We see flashbacks from the life of the label’s founder. The Michigan is presented, where we see him young. He is a plain guy from a middle-class family. He is watching, how his neighbors are dancing. The next scene shows him as a grown up. It is the year of 1957. The main character has already decided to create his label. He is in the process of it. While working, he finds new wonderful fellows, who become his friends for the whole life. Most of them are famous recording artists, whose talents he has managed to discover during that time.

The singers and actors perform magnificent songs. Among the others, the show features an actress playing Diana Ross and an outstanding The Supremes band.

The audience may listen to popular and legendary hits of that time. In this musical, we can see everything from the very start of the career of Motown’s father. A viewer witnesses his rises and falls on the way to the top and people, he meets during his life. It is a kind of journey, moved to the stage. The history of careers of some celebrities, their songs and dances – everything is mixed in this spectacle. We may also see how music has changed America and how it influences people.

It is only one of the many chapters of the history of this record company, but a very important one. The other facts about its development are displayed in the other productions about Motown.
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