The Transaction lyrics - Miss Saigon

The Transaction lyrics

The Transaction

Hey monsieur John, how'd you like to get rich
Go home in style. . .?

Yeah okay, what's the pitch?

A U.S. visa to help me out
Lend me a bit of your embassy clout

There isn't a chance pal, you're too well known
Look, what I want is that girl in the dress

You have a good eye
Her name is Kim, she's my new princess
You give her a try?

It's my friend Chris
Who's the one feeling down

I ordered a beer!

She'll get him up,
It's her first night in town
But I have to warn you
She don't come cheap
It's got to be twenty for my princess

Twenty dollars??

She's sort of a virgin, well more or less
For twenty more you get a room and key
For fifty bucks, she's got the whole night free

No one gives us a buzz
Like the Engineer does

[JOHN approaches CHRIS with Kim]

Stop drooling white boy
You're losing your cool
You like this jail bait

John, open your eyes
This is the end of the line
This whole rotten scene
This little girl, we could be in the sack
For what it costs me to buy a big mac
John, it's time to go back -
You know what I mean

I'm starting to cry pal
You're so out of touch
The trouble with you is you think too much
Ol' Dr. John knows what you need alright
I've bought you a present
She yours all night

No one gives you a hit like the Engineer's shit!!

[Across the room, the ENGINEER speaks to KIM.]

See little princess, I was right
You got the biggest score tonight
You caught that sergeant by the nose
You stay with him until he goes
Call him Chris
He'll like that

That marine
Wants his beer

You said you needed a job
You said you'd turn a trick
You'd better prove it, and quick!

[He leads KIM to CHRIS]

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