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Chris Is Here lyrics

Chris Is Here

I thought I said, "no kids around"
so what's that brat doing here
you better take care, I'm watching both of you
you, and your Engineer
sir, would you like a massage?

no thanks, it's not my scene

you can find boys at La Cage

where is he?
what is that look
he was right on the hook
don't tell me he slipped free

Engineer, Chris is here
John is going to get him
and bring him to me
my heart's ready to burst
I don't know what I'll tell him first

that guy is no one to trust
or a soldier who's just learned he's fathered a son
you got to get to Chris first
I will find his address now
before he can run

you can trust what he'll do
don't you worry
I'll mention you

don't screw with me little bitch
I don't want any hitch
you just do as you're told
you'll go to his hotel
I'll be working as well
guarding our bag of gold

tell me where, and I'll go
he is longing for me I know

you have brought me through the lightning
you have watched me from afar
you know all and you forgive me
loving parents that you are

please, let your daughter have your blessing go on, talk to your ghosts, little girl
on the life that starts today 'til you're blue
we must journey to a new world you have one chance, just one
he's here
talking to you
and I must be on my way I'm on my way

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