Miss Saigon review

Miss Saigon review

Miss Saigon Review - Broadway musical

The structure of considered creation is more like an expensive Hollywood movie rather than a musical. Creators managed to combine harmoniously all theatrical elements: acting, music, singing & scenery. The project is based on the story of love without happy ending of two very different people. He is an American infantryman. She is Vietnamese prostitute. The first thing that unites these characters, besides love – is horrors of the Vietnamese War. The producers were able to reveal the atmosphere of the tragic events of 70-ies very good, mainly thanks to the scenery design and costumes. It is rare when the creation of scenery takes so much time as here. So it received extensive and sophisticated elaboration to the smallest detail.

Throughout the musical audience can see the following picture: the brothel with its bright commercials; Vietnamese slums and American classic apartments; the headquarters of the Communists with its characteristic symbols and a huge statue of Ho Chi Minh; helipad, where soldiers gathered before sending home & many other locations. Depending on the setting of the scene, costumes change. The brothel is so perfectly revealed by forthright outfits of women working there; at the headquarters of Asians, the audience sees the classic headdresses, which are rice hats; camouflage military uniform is observed on the base of the Americans. The scenery in combination with the above-described clothes gives to each episode colors and emphasizes its special volumetric atmosphere.

J. Pryce & L. Solonga coped with their roles tremendously. Through her character, the actress shown viewers such traits as naivety, trust and hope. Over time, the war changes Kim. This is clearly seen in the episode, when she kills her brother, which threatened her child. Maybe years back, she would agree her brother killed a boy, but now she is hardened and was able to defend own little piece of love. Solonga was able to convey the transformation of her character thoroughly, for which she received a Tony Award – well-deserved, along with 1 Drama Desk. As for Pryce – his character Chris is the epitome of the American male. Initially, he seems like the perfect hero, but then some things happen that turn upside down the viewer's attitude towards this character.

The musical accompaniment is filled with clearly heard oriental notes. Songs are usually dynamic and contain no drama. The last one is also fully manifested in the dialogues and speeches of the main characters. The vast majority of viewers & critics have warmly accepted the project. But there were also those who saw in the creation elements of racism and sexism. In particular, the founders accused the disrespect towards women. According to Hideo Maruyama, people should open their eyes and to see the real Vietnam, rather than what is shown in the play. Maybe he is right today, but not for times that were 50 years ago. Things change, you know.

In 1991, the project has received 11 nominations for the Tony, winning 3. The spectacular also has 5 Drama Desks and Theatre Worlds. In 2014, the long-awaited return of the creation happened to the West End. During the first day, it sold tickets for more than $ 4 million. This figure is an absolute world record as of today. In 2016, the same-named movie is planned, with Danny Boyle as director.
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