Let Me See His Western Nose lyrics - Miss Saigon

Let Me See His Western Nose lyrics

Let Me See His Western Nose

(KIM bursts into the ENGINEER'S shack, carrying TAM)

Thuy is dead!
he was going to kill my baby and I shot

you did what?
who is that?
you'll be followed! Get him out of here! Good-bye!

we must leave!
Tam and I!
we must set off for America tonight

oh right!
just like that!
tell me how, and while you're at it, tell me why

I hear the voice of my soldier
telling me to bring... his son

you're telling me this half-breed brat
is born the son of a marine?

let me see his western nose
this bastard is... the most beautiful sight I've ever seen!
a passport in my hand
my new life can begin
your brat's American
so they must let us in!
the playground of mankind!
the movie in my mind!

I'm your dear brother from now on
and all our family is gone
boy, kiss your brand-new uncle Tran
this kid is okay
he is our entree
to the U.S.A.

with these two little diamonds to bait my hooks
I'll book us on a cruise "boat-people" deluxe
don't worry 'bout the sharks out in the Mekong bay
the pirates taking us are more scary any day

you just stay here and hide
don't show your face outside
take care of our little dear
I will go "engineer"

(He runs out.)

(In the street)

if you want to die in bed
don't care too much for country
hit the open sea instead
and float there like a cork
uncle ho, ho ho ho ho!
I'll have to call you from New York
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