I Still Believe lyrics - Miss Saigon

I Still Believe lyrics

I Still Believe

Last night I watched him sleeping,
my body pressed to him.
And then he started speaking.
The name I heard him speak was Kim...
Yes, I know that this was years ago,
but when moonlight fills my room I know
you are here, still.

I still-
I still believe
you will return.
I know you will.
My heart against all odds
holds still.

Yes, still,
I still believe.
I know as long as I can keep believing,
I'll live.
I'll live,
love cannot die.
You will return, you will return,
and I alone know why...

Last night I watched you sleeping.
Once more the nightmare came.
I heard you cry out something,
a word that sounded like a name.
And it hurts me more than I can bear
knowing part of you I'll never share,
never know.

But still-
I still believe
the time will come
when nothing keeps us apart.
My heart forever more holds still.

It's all over I'm here,
there is nothing to fear!
Chris, what's haunting you?
Won't you let me inside
what you so want to hide.
I need you too!

For still-
I will hold you all night
I will make it all right!
I still believe You are safe with me!
As long as I But I wish you would tell
what you don't want to tell,
can keep believing
I'll live! what you hell must be
I'll live,
You can sleep now.
you will return.
You can cry now.
And I know why I'm your wife now
I'm yours for life

Untill we die. Last Update: October, 23rd 2014

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