Miss Saigon synopsis

Miss Saigon synopsis

Miss Saigon Synopsis - Broadway musical

April 1975. Musical’s actions pass in bordello named Dreamland, located on the south of Saigon, Vietnam. This country almost ceased to have war activities. It becomes obvious that in the nearest future the official end of the war will come. For 17-y.o. girl Kim starts 1st working day as a prostitute. Her boss named Engineer –businessman, owning the above-mentioned institution. Many women mock at inexperienced Kim, while at the same time, they remember their first appearance in a brothel that was exactly the same. Very soon, the representatives of USA marines must leave Vietnam. They organize the last party, where the local prostitutes are present. The participants want to win the title called Miss Saigon. The victorious is a girl Gigi, spending evening with an infantryman, who promised to transfer he along with him to his home. In parallel to those events, a guy named Chris resting in the place with his war comrade John Thomas. Last wants to make a small gift to a friend, so rents a room for him & pays Kim for her services. Chris reluctantly agrees. At first, he & the girl dance & then go away. Between them slips more than the thirst to receive a one-time pleasure.

Watching the sleeping girl, he beseeches to higher Deity why he had met her only now, when he’ll soon leave a country. Sergeant wants to award her with some cash, but a girl doesn’t want to take it, revealing that it was her 1st experience with an opposite gender. After chatting a little bit, he learns about her status as an orphan. He invites a girl to start living together. The main characters finally fall in love. A guy reveals his intentions to a friend to grab a vacation to spend more time with his new beloved. A friend warns sergeant that the city sooner or later shall fall under the control of Viet Cong, but stills agrees to his plans. What other way would he go? The protagonist meets the brother-holder and, using weapons, makes him once & for all to forget about Kim. Prostitutes arrange for Chris & their former colleague a wedding ceremony. But suddenly appears Thuy – the brother of the girl & he became an officer of North Vietnamese Army. Between him & the American major arises conflict, to resolve which is possible only by expulsion of Thuy from here. Chris promises his beloved that they’ll go to the US, but this was not destined to happen.

Further events taking place three years later. The country is preparing to celebrate the third anniversary of the reunification of Vietnam. Saigon is now called Ho Chi Minh City. The newly appointed Commissioner of communist government orders to find Engineer. Last one promotes little interest to this guy. The only thing he wants is information about his missing sister. Kim did not manage to leave the country, but she still loves Chris & misses him. She hopes that her lover will soon return & take her away. But Sergeant began a new life after the war: he has his own house, car & most importantly – the American wife. Thuy manages to find Engineer & uses him to find the Kim’s trail. It turns out that the girl has a three-year-old son Tam, whose father is Chris. This fact makes her brother insanely angry & he's trying to kill the boy. Kim has no other choice but to shoot Thuy from a pistol. At this point, at the other end of the planet Chris wakes up in a cold sweat. He realizes that his beloved is still alive & he wants to get her back whatever may happen.
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