Marvelous Wonderettes, The review

Marvelous Wonderettes, The Review - Broadway musical

Critics took this piece quite warmly. First of all, the atmosphere was noted in which the spirit of the school was clearly felt. Times’ columnist jokingly said that the director did the story on behalf of millions of girls. According to him, the boys would never have given so much attention to the awarding with the title of Prom Queen. And he is damn right about it.

The story of the play is conducted using pop songs of 50s & 60s. In most cases, these are the songs of the comic character, which manage to convey perfectly the atmosphere of the school of those times. The decorators resorted to rather unconventional methods of arrangement of the scene and background of performance. Throughout the spectacle, the audience watching the only stage decoration – the stage itself. It sounds paradoxical, but it is true. The only difference is that in the latter case we are talking about the school stage, in which the protagonists of this musical act. Recent doing this in order to determine who is worthier to have a title of Prom Queen. Why this choice was made? The fact is that by the end of the musical, the audience has the feeling that they are supposedly familiar with this school for many years. According to decorators, such simplicity is a sober calculation and is not related to any cost savings or whatever. Perhaps, to the creators it would be cheaper to use a frequent change of light mobile prop sets, rather than to build an expensive construction of the school stage. Who knows…

The energetic characters, bright dresses and cheerful music are the main attractions of the considered musical. At the time of producing, the actresses had to remember own school years and it should be noted, the image of the graduates fit them up as well as possible. Many spectators behind the screen of lightness and comedy often lose sight of the main message of this production. Among other things, it teaches to appreciate friendship. Showing the prom, director demonstrates how seemingly petty events can spoil relationships of friends. One should always be able to compromise and not to bring solid meaning to unimportant things such as competition for a title of Prom Queen. This is the only way to succeed, to strengthen the friendship and to carry it through the years.
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