Marvelous Wonderettes, The synopsis

Marvelous Wonderettes, The Synopsis - Broadway musical

The story takes place in Springfield High school. The graduation ceremony is nigh & its venue chosen quite standard – school gym. It is decorated with a variety of adornments, most of which are hand-made. There comes a long-awaited event. On stage of the school, there is Principal Varney. He congratulated the graduates of 1958, the so-called Super Senior Prom & announces the beginning of the party. The latter is held every year & is called The Marvelous Wonderettes.

The focus is on the girls’ team, singing Mr. Sandman song. Performers dressed in bright gowns of different colors. During the song, it becomes obvious that Suzy is experiencing some feelings for a guy, who is responsible for the lighting. Presenting own talents to the public & waiting for a positive response, actresses start performance of the 2nd festive song called Lollipop, which gradually turns into Sugartime. Finished their singing, singing band demonstrates the prize for the 3rd place in the local Song competition & says thank to a mentor, who prepared them for it well. In particular, they are talking about Mr. Lee.

Two girls explain to gathered how they became the masters of ceremony. The former guys from local talents team were caught smoking & because of it suspended from any cultural activity. The main performer also could not come to this holiday. Due to this, the mentor of the band asked for help from representatives of his musical group. Canaries announce the main music theme of this feast. Then from Missy’s mouth sounds list of nominees on the title of Prom Queen. All four main characters decide to take part in the competition. Judy Carter also competes with them – she is their roommate. The winner, considered by the majority of votes, will be able to choose a king as a couple for the evening. Blind fate determines which of the girls has to do first solo show. She goes out and dedicates her song to tonight’s event & to all magnificent time spent in this educational facility. Betty comes next into act & she executes not abstruse composition Lipstick on Your Collar. During vocal number, heroine observes that Cindy flirting with her boyfriend. A serious confrontation rises between friends. Betty is trying to disrupt the performance of Cindy, but the latter, as many times before, manages to get out of a difficult situation gracefully.

In such a lovely evening, atmosphere between the participants of the competition is heating up strongly. The main reason is quite simple – every girl wants to get the Prom Queen’s title. The rest, including the suspicions of treason, is only a reason for light prick of the rivals. Ahead is another round of performances. In this context, two possible scenarios emerge: a friend quarrel & finally leaving of the school on such a sad note, or a contest will unite them & strengthen their friendship even further. Fortunately, all occurs exactly as described in the second option. Cindy & Betty become best friends again. Missy gets unexpected marriage proposal from Mr. Lee. All these events occur against a background of the composition ‘Thank You & Goodnight’. The festival comes to an end…
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