Poor Little Hollywood Star lyrics - Little Me

Poor Little Hollywood Star lyrics

Poor Little Hollywood Star

Once you were an ordinary average little girl
From Illinois.
Once it was an ordinary average little life,
And what a joy.
Sudden success
Caught you, I guess,
High on its glittering bough.
Blithe and merry ordinary average little girl,
Where are you now?

Carefully dressed, carefully coached,
Diamond-braceleted, emerald-broached,
Just to be loved from afar,
Poor little Hollywood star.
One of the rare, one of the great,
Everyone's idol, but nobody's mate,
Poor little fairytale queen,
How do you fill the void
Under that celluloid sheen?
Smile for your fans, live for your art,
What if nobody gives that for your heart?
This is the very last stop,
Where can you go from the top?
So never relax, never give in,
Hold in those longings and stick out that chin.
Loved and adored as you are,
Your melancholy would
Seem just a trifle bizarre
In this jolly wood.
Poor little, shiny, secure little Hollywood star.

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