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I Love Sinking With You lyrics

I Love Sinking With You

NOBLE. Belle, I may be busy for the next hour or so.
Whatever happens, I?d like you to know ? (He sings) I love you?as much as I am able?

1st SAILOR. Mr. Eggleston, we can?t find the captain anywhere. What?ll we do?

NOBLE. Don?t panic ? I?ll take over! You ? lower the lifeboats!

1st SAILOR. Aye, aye, sir.

NOBLE. You ?get all the women and children.

2nd SAILOR. Aye, aye sir.

NOBLE. And you ? send out an SOS and get a large ice pick.

1st SAILOR. Aye aye sir.

BELLE. Oh, Noble, you?re wonderful.

NOBLE. That?s because (sings) ?I love you?as much as I am able?considering we?re sinking?

1st SAILOR. Mr. Eggleston, there?s not enough room in the lifeboats. What?ll we do?

NOBLE. There?s plenty of room in the water. Bring all of the non-swimmers to me.

1st SAILOR. Aye aye, sir.

BELLE. Oh, Noble, no matter what happens, I want you to know ?
(sings) ?I love you?as much as I am able??

1st SAILOR. Here are the non-swimmers, sir.

NOBLE. All right, everyone, listen to me. I?ve got two minutes to teach you how to swim.
You only get one lesson. So pay attention. (As he speaks he demonstrates.
The non-swimmers try to follow the action.)
Push with the left?pull with the right?push with the left?pull with the right.
Breathe in, breathe out?breath in, breathe out.
Frog kick?frog kick?frog kick. All right let?s put it all together now.
Push, pull, breathe, frog kick, push, pull, breathe, frog kick. Keep practicing.
You?ll be in the water in a minute.
(They practice, he sings) ?What happiness I see with you you??

BELLE (sings) Oh, Noble you?re a wonder?

NOBLE. All right. Minutes up. Everybody into the water.
And no splashing each other, we?re not here to fool around.

1st SAILOR. Into the water everyone. (They all jump in as Noble shouts to them.)

BELLE. (sings) How grand it is to be with you.

NOBLE. (sings) Considering that we?re going under.

1st SAILOR. It?s the non-swimmers sir. They?re all rotten swimmers.

NOBLE. Quick ? artificial respiration. First class here. Tourist over there.
(He begins applying first aid.)
In with the good air, out with the bad? In with the good air, out with the bad?

BELLE. (Sings) My darling?how nobly you?re behaving?

NOBLE. All right everybody in the water again.
Belle, we don?t have much time. In a few minutes, we?ll be under.

BELLE. I?m not afraid Nobel. Are you?

NOBLE. I look forward to it. (sings) I love you?as much as I am able?
Considering I?m saving the passengers and crew.

NON-SWIMMERS. Push, pull, breathe, frog kick.

NOBLE. (sings) As Noble?

BELLE. (sings) Reliable and stable?

BOTH. (sings) As much as I am able?.
(the ship is tilting. He puts the life preserver around Belle as they hang on.)

NOBLE. (to the swimmers) Don?t forget, New York is that way!

BOTH. I?Love?You?

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