Little Me review

Little Me review

Little Me Review - Broadway musical

Belle Poitrine is not only the main character of the musical, but its main decoration. She is able to arouse in the audience radically opposing emotions. Someone will love the heroine, while others may criticize her lifestyle. One thing is for sure – there will be no one indifferent left. Such strong characters appear too rarely in the real life, so we should pay attention to them. Actress Faith Prince has done fantastic job. The acting was complicated by the fact that prior to her role of Belle has been played by two magnificent performers, Virgina Martin & Mary G. Murray. This created strong pressure on Faith. But, as we can see at the output, the actress wasn’t bending under the stress and showed the audience really strong game. Her Belle looks lively, purposeful heroine, able to make any sacrifice to achieve her goals, no matter what the trigger was and will the result, achieved in the several years from the beginning, will match her initial trigger.

The choreography & music are two more components, thanks to which this show has managed to reach such heights. Among the compositions, dominate mysterious notes that the really savvy people will feel in a chic music background, ideally emphasizing main points. The most famous song of creation is considered Little Me – Belle and Belle's Boys performance. It immediately evokes associations with the love affairs of the protagonist. As for the choreography, here it is the most sophisticated and with a hint of flamboyant sensuality. For his elegant work, Rob Marshall received a nomination for the Tony & the Drama Desk Aw., among other nominations for this play, but unfortunately, he did not manage to win.

Little Me in all its glory demonstrates how to achieve success if to try hard and forget all mudslingers. Of course, the main character has many initial qualities, without which this may have not come true. However, the most important is the tenacity and self-belief. This musical teaches to find a stimulus to reach the perfection and reminds that the hardest step is the first one.
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