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Little Me lyrics

Little Me

There was I,
Schnitzie dead and gone,
All alone and friendless,
What was I to do?

What to do? What do do?
Here am I,
How can I go on,
Chasing down these endless
Cul-de-sacs and hallways?
Who would see me through?

Well, I ask of you...

Who would see me through
As always?

OLD BELLE & YOUNG BELLE (alternating)
Who to tell my troubles to?
Lend a sympathetic ear?
Who to cheer me when I'm blue?
Wipe away each little tear?
When there's no one left,
I am not bereft,
There is always little me.
(Old reliable.)
When a year goes down the drain,
And I haven't made a cent,
When I fall in love in vain,
Or I give it up for Lent,
Friends can fly the coop,
Leave me in the soup,
Who'd come through with lentils?
And to get to fundamentals:
When the chips are really down,
Who would not be out of town?
(Or a blabbermouth?)
Who do I esteem most?
Who do I adore most?
Who deserves the cream most?
Who built up the candy store most?
Who comes first and foremost?
(When you add it all up)
Ever-lovin' little me.

Rise or fall,
Loyal friend,
Through it all
To the end.

When it comes to parlez-vous,
Who could parlez-vous a few?
(With the best of 'em?)
Who'll retrieve that bounty?
Who'll pursue that quarry?
Like a Northwest Mountie,
Only built like Mata Hari?
Who'll get Lochinvar e-
In a little black sheer
With a little bit here
And a little "mon cher"
And a little bit there?
(Just a little bit.)
Who will make you sorry,
Wait and see?
(Mrs. Eggleston.)
Yours sincerely, little,
I mean, merely little,
Yours sincerely, little me.

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