I've Got Your Number lyrics - Little Me

I've Got Your Number lyrics

I've Got Your Number

You've got no time for me.
You've got big things to do.
Well, my sweet chickadee,
I've got hot news for you:

I've got your number,
I know you inside out,
You ain't no Eagle Scout,
You're all at sea.
Oh yes, you brag a lot,
Wave your own flag a lot,
But you're unsure a lot,
You're a lot
Like me.
Oh, I've got your number
And what you're looking for,
And what you're looking for
Just suits me fine.
We'll break those rules a lot,
We'll be damn fools a lot,
But then, why should we not,
How could we not
When I've got your number
And I've got the glow you've got,
I've got your number
And, baby, you know you've got

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