Little Me synopsis

Little Me synopsis

Little Me Synopsis - Broadway musical

Belle Poitrine is in the center of the plot, which had at birth surname Schlumpfert. The woman begins to write her autobiography. Patrick Dennis helps her in this case. Subsequent events of the spectacular carry the viewers into the past and reveal the early years of the protagonist. Belle is native of Venezuela, Illinois, USA. Early years she spent in the Drifter's Row – one of the poorest areas of the city. Dream of a girl was to leave this place and move to The Bluff, which is an elite district, where rich people live. Once Belle meets Noble Eggleston. He lives in what is called the “right side” of the city, where our heroine is so eager to get. A certain relationship starts between the young people at once. Their mutual attraction is highlighted perfectly with the composition I Love You Theme, which plays every time when Belle and Noble touch. The guy invites a girl to a party called Sweet Sixteen, passing in his mansion. The girl, of course, agrees, but that’s all good news for her. Once mother of Noble knows where she came from, she immediately makes his son to get rid of the girl. The young people tell each other about love. Bell gives a promise to gain wealth, culture, and the corresponding social status, because it was the only way for her and a guy to be together. At the same time, she ignored the words of her friend, who says that nothing good will come out of it, and he’ll eventually break her heart.

Her first victim is an old wealthy banker Mr. Pinchley, which, according to many people, is the most mean-spirited and stingy man in the city. This fellow never had helped to the poor ones, and will not do it in the future. Belle makes Mr. Pinchley to draw attention at her, and after that, he no longer wants to be hated. The main heroine agrees to help him to win back the love of his son. Banker, yielding to emotions, shows the girl a gun. He said he was going to kill himself on his birthday the same day, but now, having become acquainted with Bell, will not do it.

Mr. Pinchley makes the main character the offer to become his wife. As a sign of his affection, he will reward her with wealth and provide her the necessary status. When Bell responds “yes”, suddenly a shot rings out. The banker, forgetting everything, accidentally pulled the trigger and killed himself with that. The girl was arrested for suspicion of murder and sent to court and jail. While behind bars, Belle meets Benny and Bernie, two siblings. Men advise new friend after the release to try to become an actress. According to them, the heroine has all the chances to achieve all heights in this area.

With the help of Noble, who currently attends Harvard and Yale, Bell is released from custody. Having acquitted, girl starts to conquer the scene and quickly become a well-known performer of vaudevilles. A way to success to Belle has just begun and heroine will surprise everyone.
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