Be A Performer lyrics - Little Me

Be A Performer lyrics

Be A Performer

So resulting from a few illegal capers
You are starring in the papers.
Just go over with the jury and in jig time
Join the Buxbaums in the big time!
So you'll try a little trill from Traviata.
La la la, la la la...

BELLE [off-key]
La la la! La la la!

So it's not your style sonata.
When a girl has got what you have got a lotta...
You know what you've got?
You've got something hot!

BERNIE, BENNY (alternating)
So here's a good tiding,
If men you are killing,
A talent you're hiding
To be a performer,
So be a performer,
And soon you'll be riding,
If God should be willing,
The crest of your life.

You ain't a Pavlova,
An Eleanor Duse,
But looking you over,
You'll be a performer,
You'll be a performer,
A lollapalooza,
And rolling in clover,
Just pass the test of your life!

So up the river they would send you,
But with Mother Nature helping to defend you,
Who could send you very far,
Sobbing in a dress that clings to all the things you

So listen to Bernie
And listen to Benny,
Forget the attorney
And be a performer,
And be a performer,
We mean a performer,
Unless you, God forbid,
Get hung for what you did,
Oh, oh, you naughty kid.
Just fulfill this small
Request of your life!
You'll be thankful all
The rest of your long and healthy, knock wood, life!

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