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Lion King synopsis

The show that we see here begins with the tolerant and clever Lion King of the Pridelands, Mufasa, and his lady-monarch Sarabi acquainting their baby boy, Simba to the creatures of the savannah. Mufasa has a brother, Scar (who previously was named as Prince Taka and he is a next-to-the-throne person in the kingdom). Each of the habitants of the jungle looks as if welcomes the offspring, only Mufasa's malefic sibling, Scar, surreptitiously aspire to become a monarch and show this with his outward appearance. Along with his beastly collaborators, the hyenas, Scar organizes a panic run that lead to assassination of Mufasa. Simba, concluding that he caused the cessation of his dad, quietly departs the Pridelands and leaves to nowhere.

Assuming that Simba was gone (also died, perhaps), Scar transforms into a mogul of the territory. Under his guidance, the Pridelands metamorphose into barren lands. By occasion of a fortunate luck, Simba runs onto his ancient associate Pumbaa in the bushes. She tells him of the terrors of Scar's governing and beseeches Simba to come back to the Pridelands. When Simba reverts, he ends up by murdering Scar and restores his thrown to the delight of each the creature of him new kingdom.
Last Update:April, 21st 2016

Lion King Lyrics

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  5. I Just Can't Wait to Be King Lyrics
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  8. Be Prepared Lyrics
  9. Stampede Lyrics
  10. Rafiki Mourns Lyrics
  11. Hakuna Matata Lyrics
  12. One by One Lyrics
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  14. Shadowland Lyrics
  15. Lion Sleeps Tonight Lyrics
  16. Endless Night Lyrics
  17. Can You Feel the Love Tonight? Lyrics
  18. He Lives in You (Reprise) Lyrics
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  20. King of Pride Rock/Circle of Life (Reprise) Lyrics

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