Les Miserables synopsis

Les Miserables synopsis

Les Miserables Synopsis - Broadway musical

The musical takes place at the beginning of the XIX century. After 19 years of penal servitude, Jean Valjean is released by policeman Javert. He was arrested for theft of bread for his family. Every month he has to report to the lawyer. Jean isn't hired and despised. Once, he was sheltered by the archbishop. He treated him as brother. Jean Valjean, who still doesn't believe in love, steals all silver in the house and runs. In the morning, he is brought to the archbishop. The man is beat to semi-death. According to policemen, the man has told them that silver was presented him by the archbishop. He agrees with it and gives Jean two silver candlesticks, which Jean stores to his death. The man is so touched by care that he tears all his documents and begins new life. Jean Valjean sells all silver and becomes the mayor 8 years later. He is also an owner of the factory. Poor girl Fantine works on it.

Fantine is exposed to harassment of the foreman and contempt of colleagues. She has a secret. A few years ago, the man has deceived her and has left. She became pregnant and has given birth to the daughter. The girl, Kozetta, grows at the innkeeper and his wife's family. They have their own daughter too. They cruelly manage with the girl. At the same time, the family writes to her mother and swears that she is often ill. Fantine sends them a lot of money and thinks that she rescues the daughter. Soon her secret is revealed by other workers. The mayor asks the foreman to resolve the conflict. Fantine is dismissed. Despaired woman sells her hair and teeth. She hopes to rescue her "ill" daughter. Then she becomes a prostitute.

One night, when the client comes to her, she refuses to work. The man offends her and Fantine hits him. At this moment police officers appear, including Javert. Jean Valjean rescues Fantine from prison and carries in hospital. The woman asks him to take care of the daughter and dies. Javert understands that the mayor is Jean, and wants to put him in prison as he looked for fugitive for many years. Jean is escaped. At this time, Kozetta is sent to winter forest for water, where she is found by Valjean. He redeems the girl from innkeepers and asks the church gardener for a shelter for her. The girl lives in the monastery.

Times of June revolt. In the center of a plot are the students who have started revolution. Little Gavroche, the son of impoverished innkeepers, helps them. Marius, one of the associates, notices Kozetta on the street and falls in love with her. The girl reciprocates the young man. By means of Eponine, who is also in love with Marius, he finds the house where lives Kozetta. They start to date in secret from everyone.

Jeanne Valjean and Kozetta are forced to run because of Javert arrival. Gavroche brings them a note from barricades. To rescue Kozetta's beloved, the man goes to the heat of revolt. Just at this moment, students detain Javert. They allow Jean Valjean to kill him. He agrees, and doesn't kill Javert, but releases him on freedom.

At this time on barricades, slaughter is started again. Gavroche and Eponina are killed during fight. When fight is resumed, everyone is in mourning. This time law enforcement authorities try to kill everyone. Jean Valjean rescues wounded Marius. During this he meets the innkeeper on the road (he has stolen a family ring from Marius). Valjean and half-dead Marius are awaited by Javert. He claims that he will arrest the man for all crimes, which Jean has made. However, he doesn't decide to shoot at the person, who has saved his life recently. The guard is exposed to remorse and commits suicide.

Marius recovers. He gets married with Kozetta. Jean Valjean tells the guy his story and departs to the monastery to die. The innkeeper and his wife come to a wedding and tell Marius scurrilous things about Jean Valjean. They don't understand that they speak about the one who has rescued him. Marius and Kozetta run to the monastery, finding the last minutes of Jean's life. When he dies, he is met by Fantine, the archbishop and all dead on barricades. The last song sounds.
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