Les Miserables review

Les Miserables Review - Broadway musical

Material of the book, on which the musical is based, has madly volume: there are a lot of events and casual characters about whom the author tries to tell as much as possible. It is very difficult to allocate the most important things, not to cut out necessary and to capture the scale, and of course, to set everything to music. The directors carried out tremendous work!

The viewer learns all necessary ideas, shortly meets with all heroes. But he isn't taken away far. Creators bring them to the main thing. It is a story about love. Someone loves God. Or is it love between the young man and the girl, pure and gentle?

Someone loves money. He is vain, ambitious and strives for greatness. Someone is loyal to great ideals. This is a story about love, kindness and mercy. And it's also about that light at the end of the tunnel that has to condescend on everyone who lives a righteous life. The musical is also about fight and about revolution.

Actor's job should be noted. The game of the woman, who plays Kozetta, deserves special attention. She faultlessly played her small role full of suffering and pain. A certain grandiosity and affectedness of innkeepers can a bit confuse the viewer. After all, this is the musical, so the directors were able to afford some juicy highlight. Paris and barricades were shown perfectly. This is the tremendous raise of the people. There are heaps of furniture, tools, people and flags. It is the uniform organism, united by a fine rush. As it is nice that the viewer knows — everything has ended well.

Separate thank to costumers! Distinguished dresses of Kozetta, poor clothes of Eponine and madam Tenardye's magnificent gown. Even men's suits are stylish and original. Make-up artists have also tried wonderfully well. Overall, this is fantastic show, which won't leave any viewer indifferent.

In the late nineties, the musical was planned to be created in Russia. G. Vasilyev & A. Ivashchenko were authors of idea. For implementation of the plan, the production company was created and the rights were bought from authors of original histrionics. Nevertheless, crisis of 1998 prevent creating of the project. Authors began to write libretto to their own musical.
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