Backups Medley lyrics - Jersey Boys

Backups Medley lyrics

Backups Medley

You work for me.
You?re guaranteed a salary, and as soon as Mercury?s in Taurus,
you bring me four songs and I?ll record ?em.
Meanwhile, you sing background for my artists.

[Tech ~ spoken]
Hal Miller and the Rays: An Angel Cried, take one.

"Then raindrops fell
Down from the sky (Waaaaa)
The day you left me
An angel cried (Ahhhh)
Oh, she cried
An angel cried (Ah, ah, ah)
She cried (Ahhhh)"

[Tech ~ spoken]
Ms. Frankie Nolen and the Romans: I Still Care, take two

"(Wanting you so)
Wanting you so (Brings a tear)
Brings a tear
To my eye (To my eye)

Oh, I love you so-oh
How could you, how could you
Say goodby-eye (Wa-o-o-oah)

?Cause I still care (?Cause I still care)
I still care for you (Oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-wahhhh)

[Tech ~ spoken]
Billy Dixon and the Topics: Trance, take three

Late last night (do do do do)
Strollin? down the street (do do do do)
I saw a girl (do do do do)
Swept me off my feet (wubba, wubba, wubba, wubba)
She put me in a trance (Trance)
A hazy, dazy trance (Trance)

[Bob Gaudio ~ spoken]
It was better than knocking on doors? but not much.

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