Jersey Boys review

Jersey Boys review

Jersey Boys Review - Broadway musical

On the stage, the musical appeared in those days, when people just began to remember the greatest hits of the past years, returning to the legends of musical genres decades later. Many songs of this band are not forgotten so far, they are almost a national treasure and, it is clear that they are part of a large and vibrant history.

Unusual and positive autobiographical piece based on real hits of the group The Four Seasons, extremely popular in the 1960s, this histrionics walked down Broadway hand to hand with success and glory. This is a story that includes a long and hard process of becoming a team not only as a group for a performance of hits, but also a teammates and loyal friends, supporting each other.

Very lively and colorful music can cheer up even in the gloomiest day and deserves admiration, as in the distant '60s, dipping the beholders into the atmosphere of light and sparkling disco insanity. Mod-actors were performing hot dances on stage and looked similar to idols of millions, not only in appearance and voices, but even in temperament.

It must be said that the work on the musical was extremely difficult, because all the members of the group are still alive. Even the slightest misstep had to be avoided, including minor mistakes in dialogues, to shun sue for misrepresentation. Famous singers were delighted in persons with the done work, though that was hard, because sometimes creators had to rewrite almost completely the whole acts. The classic American success story, where the guys get their way, breaking through with blood and sweat to the heights of show business, to understand that not only fame and money matter in this life.
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