Jersey Boys synopsis

Jersey Boys synopsis

Jersey Boys Synopsis - Broadway musical

The whole spectacle is divided into five parts: spring, summer, autumn, winter and the final. This seems a very bold move, the same as logical. Spring is the dawn of a great band, yet unknown, when quite young guys just get to know each other and trying to figure out this life. They come in a variety of troubles, linked with the Mafia, and, finally, find themselves as artists. Summer is expressed in the work within the team, acquaintances and attempt to mutual understanding. Guys are trying to do their best, sing songs together, deciding who and what will do. To put it simply, work out the team work, which, truthfully, only sounds easy. This is shown in a part of the musical, where they try to overcome the ego of each other, staying on the road that leads to a common goal. And, of course, the first successes and concerts end with a full sensation.

There could not, of course, be without problems and confusions, especially in the personal life of men, who became famous, now the idols of many women. And one of them as a result of this, is going through a difficult break-up with his wife. And there comes a "fall". Famous and recognizable, they traveled on tours across the country. One of them cares about the success of the whole band and is literally drowning in own work and not noticing the other participants in respect of which all is not as rosy as it would like to be. Debts, glory’s hardships and constant performances, attempts to save the crumbling friendship, women. All of this is sinking in endless faceless crowd of fans, for which you need to play the role of a simple guy, who do not have any problems.

Winter period in the play is at all the most difficult. The band breaks up in front of our eyes. One member of the team leaves the band, because of fatigue. Games are over. The real life, without crowds of fans and autographs, already may seem a dream. Men understand that it is all of their friendship that seemed so strong and true, and it is crashing down with a great name of their band. The problems are multiplying and spreading. It becomes much more difficult not to pay attention to them, not to notice them in the stream of crazy days. They recognize that their relationship has never been ideal, but still earnestly trying to help each other. Everything completely falls apart when from a drug overdose daughter of one of the band’s members dies. The team keeps afloat brilliance and relevance of their songs for a certain time, but the mood is already quite gloomy. Eventually, the band breaks up.

In the final part, in the conclusion, the song sounds, uniting the four soloists for the last time on the stage, and each participant during the execution snatches a moment to address a speech to the audience.
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