What the Fuck? lyrics - If/Then

What the Fuck? lyrics

What the Fuck?

Hey you there with that face in the mirror
What the hell are you looking at?
No really, who are you there to judge me?
You're exactly like me but flat
I'm the who has lived this life
or the happiness that comes my way
So I'm gonna say

What the fuck
Stay the night
There's a chance that it will all be alright
It's possible I'm pushing this a little to far
But it's not like things can get a whole lot worse than they are
I'm not running on a streak of good luck
So what the fuck

Another day of saving the planet
One more night of nothing but tears
And Stephen plays dumb surprised that I want him
Like we haven't been flirting for years
And I know that I was out of bounds
It was me somehow on the attack
But then he kissed me back

What the fuck
What's the deal
Can't I ever just feel what I feel
I'm accomplished and I'm funny
I've got wisdom and wit
And a taste for certain men who will treat me like shit
So romance has again run a muck
Oh what the fuck

What the fuck
What'd I do
How'd I end up lying naked with you
I was stone cold stupid sober so I can't blame the drink
I was needy, I was greedy and I just didn't think
Hah that's lie I thought about it a lot
I had lots of warning thoughts I forgot
Just another bad decision I guess
Just another pile of crap in the mess
That I've managed to involve my best friend
Will my trail of sad mistakes ever end?

Cause I'm starting to suspect that I'm stuck
Like a shmuck
And I suck

What the fuck
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