Surprise lyrics - If/Then

Surprise lyrics


Hey, hey, ain't it some surprise
How the years will slip on past you
How the time just flies
And we're (?), older, bolder
And much wiser than before
Ain't that some surprise?

They're at the door

If you're not drinking then something's new
It's nothing really, I can't tell you
You're on the wagon or else, oh jeez
Shh! Keep your voice down Lucas, please

You haven't told Josh?
Don't know what to say
You better think quick then, he's minutes away
It's too many people and it's just as well
Josh is a doctor, they can often tell
Oh, hell

Hey, um, thanks for the surprise
Let's go party on the rooftop
Underneath the skies

Move in with me, officially
It just seems so traditional

Hey, hey, ain't it some surprise, babe
You're in a real-life couple
Try that on for size
You can fear it dear, it's clear
It's not about to go away
Ain't that some surprise?
Ain't this some surprise?
It feels okay
Well, hey

No more surprises, no men to kiss
I might want children, but not like this
He thinks he loves me and I know it's not true
No more surprises, God, what to do?

What do you want right now?
I want that job! I want to give it everything I have.

No more surprises, you're life's on track
I'm moving forward, I won't go back
So let your heart win and let the doubt be gone
No more surprises, I'm moving on

Liz, so sorry I'm late. I missed the surprise, didn't I?
Not entirely. I'm pregnant.

Wow, wow, that is some surprise
Yeah, your teeny-tiny swimmers ,they're determined little guys
It could be that we should see this through
It might mean that, it might
It's just such a surprise
It still feels right

I think she told him!
I think she did. Marry me.

Hey, hey, ain't it some surprise?
After all this time together
I look into your eyes
And I see what we could be if we step up and say, 'I do'
Hey, that's some surprise
I do love you
And I love you

Hey, hey, ain't it some surprise
39 candles Liz, I know how you like candles

Hey, hey, ain't it some surprise
1 candle Beth, I know how you hate waste

Hey, hey ain't it some
We can do this
Hey, hey ain't it some
This is meant to be
Hey, hey, ain't it some
Liz? Beth?

At 39 everything changes
I'm older but hardly more wise
And just when you think you're on course
The sea starts to rise
And from clear blue skies
Marry me
Marry me
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