If/Then review

If/Then review

If/Then Review - Broadway musical

Sometimes it is necessary for the person to make only one choice to change the destiny completely. All events in his or her life depend on the decisions and objects they set to themselves. And answer to question: "Who to become? Beth or Liz?" defines both pleasure and grief. This remarkable modern Broadway performance tells about it. It is about choices we make or decisions we hesitate to adopt. It is about “What would be?” kind of questions.

Creators have perfectly embodied idea of the musical on a scene. Besides the fascinating plot, the performance has an unusual form. It shows events of Elisabeth's life. She is divorced woman, who arrived to New York to begin new life. But now her life is divided into two parts: in one she is Beth, and in other – Liz. The viewer observes a destiny of one and then of other girl on a stage. And it is rather unusual and unpredictable.

The fact that in case of the career choice, she finally meets her love Josh, is remarkable. When the woman chooses new acquaintances, she achieves success at work. By the means of such unexpected turn of events, creators wanted to show how the result can differ from the choice, which we make, and that sometimes everything can turn out on the contrary, even if we didn't wait for it. Life is much more facetted than we think.

Acting also deserves praise. The main actress faultlessly copes both with Beth's role, and with image of Liz. But anyway she remains Elisabeth, and it is important. A love story in the first part of the musical is touching and sad at the same time. The leading actor, who plays Josh, is able to give all feelings, which he has to the heroine.

The atmosphere of New York, with its skyscrapers, apartments is not less important, and it is perfectly transferred in the spectacular, thanks to the designer of a scene. Wardrobe is rather simple, but at the same time, minimalistic, modern and memorable.

Music in show is very different. The viewer can hear everything, beginning from slowly love ballads and finishing with fast rhythms. But nothing of them will leave the viewer indifferent.

The work of choreographer should be noted. All dances very professional. During a premiere, almost all places in the hall were occupied. The musical is for wide audience. The viewers from 16 years can come to a performance and get a great pleasure.

In total, this is a dynamic performance with surprising scenery, tremendous actor's game, an interesting plot and choreography. Everyone, who finds an interest in the problem of vital choice and destiny, is obliged to watch this musical. It will be pleasant also to those who just love good music and a romantic plot. In any case – must see!
Last Update:April, 06th 2016

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