If/Then synopsis

If/Then synopsis

If/Then Synopsis - Broadway musical

Elisabeth is an architect, who divorced with her husband. To forget the past, she moves to New York. Soon she meets the old friends. Kate suggests her to change a name and to become Liz. She considers that the girl has to look for new impressions. Lukas thinks that Elisabeth should look for new business partners. He tells her to take a name of Beth, which she was given in college.

Further, the viewer sees how Elisabeth's life, depending on the chosen personality, could change. In the first case, Kate and Liz remain in park. They watch the musician, who renders attention signs to Liz. But she doesn't want to meet him. Then she faces him in the subway by chance, but refuses to take his number again. The girl agrees to make an acquaintance after the third meeting in the park. This guy's name is Josh. He also acquaints Lukas with his friend David, and they fall in love with each other. Meanwhile, Liz gets a job in major architectural company. Unexpectedly she becomes pregnant from Josh. They decide to get married. Kate also marries her girlfriend and Lukas marries David.

Josh goes abroad, where he is killed. Kate and Ann get divorced. Lukas and David take a son from an orphanage. Liz is suggested to become the chief developer of the large project. She agrees. In the second case, Lukas and Bat take part in the joint project. But at meeting a girl faces Stephen. He offers her a good job in major town-planning company. She becomes one of project managers. The girl falls in love with Stephen. But nothing is possible to them, because the man is already married. Beth calls Lukas and they make love. Later the girl learns that she is pregnant. She is afraid to tell Lukas about it, and does abortion. Having learned it, the guy quarrels with her because he would like a child.

Both of them achieve success in career. After long dissonance, the love couple reconciles. Kate marries her girlfriend, but soon they still get divorced. Stephen gets divorced with wife. He says to Beth that he regrets about refusing to her. The man offers the woman a high position. Beth doesn't agree for it. She meets Kate and Lukas in park. The musician Josh plays there. He meets with Beth. Thus, beholders see several possibilities that may happen to ordinary people, depending on the adopted choices.
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