Too Tired lyrics - High Fidelity

Too Tired lyrics

Too Tired

All I want is to be taken care of
And there's no one inside there who can
All this sad talking I've had my share of
So when I heard that you skipped out, I ran

I keep hoping this is all some lousy dream
I don't want to reminisce
I want to scream

Look at us, now is it any wonder
That we're both such a pitiful mess
We're just kids trapped inside of these bodies
How we get by is anyone's guess
Is this the way life's always gonna be
Well if that's the case I think you'd better sleep with me

I'm too tired not to be with you
I'm too sad I feel too bad and I can't deal with anyone new
So you're hired I'll bet you like it too
It's either that or do myself harm
Stub a cigarette out on my arm
I guess sex will have to do
'Cause I'm too tired not to be with you

Look I know this isn't very romantic
But it may be again by and by
I could say don't come back till you've wised up
Try to change you but then again why

I know you and we get along okay
And you've made it clear you want me back so what the hey

I'm too tired not to be with you
I'm too fried and cold inside and I need to feel a little less blue
But I'm too wired to stop and think this through
I just want to disappear
And wake up some time next year
Oh this is wrong I know and it's so long ago that I looked at you from here

Just let me love you
I don't know what else to do
'Cause I'm too tired
I'm so tired, I'm too tired
I'm so tired, I'm too tired, not to be with you
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