It's No Problem (Reprise) lyrics - High Fidelity

It's No Problem (Reprise) lyrics

It's No Problem (Reprise)

It's no problem.
So she doesn't like The Clash.
And she likes 'Achy Breaky Heart'
And thinks it's sung by Johnny Cash.

She's really into learning stuff--
So it should be okay.
But if she weren't,
I'd still like her anyway.
Cause she's pretty and real nice and smart
And not too short
And also not too tall.
So it's no problem--no problem at all.

It's no problem
Though our tastes may disagree
She may not like the things I like
But she says she likes me.

And her laughing
Is my fav'rite sound by far
And I'm thinking,
It's not what you like that counts
But who you are.

When it comes to favorite Beatle
Mine is George

And mine is Paul.

But it's no problem...

It's no problem...

It's no pro-blem! all.
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