It's No Problem lyrics - High Fidelity

It's No Problem lyrics

It's No Problem

Look, Dick, Laura and I broke up.
So if you ever see Barry again maybe you can tell him that.

You want ME to tell Barry about it?

Yeah, would you?

Sure, of course.

It's no problem.
No problem Rob--you're on.
I'll tell him when I see him next,
"Rob says to tell you--Laura's gone."
My schedule's pretty open
So I've got some time today.
Plus I've got some other stuff
To tell him anyway.

So I'll tell him when I tell him all the other stuff
Or--I could even call.
So it's no problem, no problem at all.

All right, Dick--

It's no problem.
I'll see him later at a gig.
I'll prob'ly start with your news first
Cause my news isn't big:
Just to tell him
That this woman's gonna sing.
So I'll bring it up before,
A good news/bad news kind of thing.

I mean bad news/good news
Cause he thinks the singer's great.
Not that Laura isn't too--no!
What I meant to say--no wait!

Barry really likes you both
He told me so last fall,
So it's no problem, it's no problem,
It's no problem, Rob

GREAT, Dick. Glad you got it covered.

It's no problem, Rob. At all.
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