Laura, Laura lyrics - High Fidelity

Laura, Laura lyrics

Laura, Laura

I made a list of everything
That's gone on between you and me
And even an idiot like me could see

No matter how you add it up
When you reach the bottom line
The fault was usually mine.

The stupid things I've said and done
If I could change just even one
the thing I'd say would be:
Laura, Laura...I'm so sorry.

It's become my trade in stock
To always jump fron rock to rock
Chasing fantasies that don't come through.

Thought I was happy just to coast
But it's me who needed you the most.
Of course that's something
I could never own up to.

I want to look you in the face to say
What I never had the grace to say
When you were still with me:
Laura, Laura...I'm so sorry.

For everything you're going through
And everything I can't undo,
Please accept this small apology

Oh, Laura, Laura,
Sweet, sweet Laura
Laura, Laura...

For letting you down...
For letting you go...
I'm so sorry.
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