High Fidelity synopsis

High Fidelity synopsis

High Fidelity Synopsis - Broadway musical

The action of the musical happens in Brooklyn. The main hero of the show is Rob. He is already 35, but the guy is still interested in nothing, except his own little shop in the downtown. He sells vinyl records. There is an impression that Rob still got stuck at adolescence. He also has a couple of friends – Dick and Berry. They spend all free time talking about the advantages of some plate, showing their deep knowledge of music.

At first sight, the heroes seem extremely unpleasant. They are mad about music and consider themselves big experts in this sphere. This company doesn’t even want to start a conversation with those, who don't know their favorite musical performers. They sincerely believe that person's knowledge and taste in music can describe a man completely. Rob has a girlfriend Laura. It seems to the hero that everything goes as it is necessary, and nothing disturbs him. But at once, Laura leaves Rob to date the other man. She says that the reason of it is the fact that she is bothered by his life, in which there are no interests and aspirations, except music.

Rob is shocked. He understands that he has made a mistake at some moment. The character begins to remember the past. He tries to revive the relations with the previous girls. Rob also makes lists, such as "5 mistakes I made" and "5 things I miss in Laura". Finally, having reconsidered all his shortcomings, the hero understands what his fault is. It gives him new vital aspiration. He starts a career of DJ over again.

His decisions to begin a new life, which will be full of emotions, are influenced by the death of Laura's father. He realizes that a person has not enough time to spend it in vain. In addition, now he knows that his fear of obligations and a habit to affect other people emotionally will prevent him from further relations with the girls. He tries to get rid of his negative qualities. Having realized all the mistakes, he understands that it's mostly Laura's merit.
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