Colored Spade lyrics - Hair

Colored Spade lyrics

Colored Spade

I'm a
Colored spade
A n*gger
A black n*gger
A jungle bunny
Jigaboo c*on
Pickaninny mau mau

Uncle Tom
Aunt Jemima
Little Black Sambo

Cotton pickin'
Swamp guinea
Junk man
Shoeshine boy

Elevator operator
Table cleaner at Horn & Hardart
Slave voodoo
Ubangi lipped

Flat nose
Tap dancin'
Resident of Harlem

And president of
The United States of Love
I said President of
The United States of Love

(and for dinner at the White House you're going to feed him:)

Hominy grits
An' shortnin' bread
Alligator ribs
Some pig tails
Some black eyed peas
Some chili
Some collard greens

And if you don't watch out
This boogie man will get you
So you say.

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